Friday, August 26, 2016

A periodic update

Today I received the 2016 Alumni Directory for the college from which I graduated in 1968. As to be expected, some of the names that I would have hoped to see with email or postal addresses still are not there. Great sadness that some of the people who were most dear to me will most likely never touch my life again, this side of death.

As an update, my poem did come out in Star*Line: 

Race to the end
Last galaxy in gets to start
the next Big Bang
Elizabeth Bennefeld, Star*Line 38.4 (Oct. 2015)
My concentration and energy died over the holiday season, and I never did get back to the other two poems that I'd submitted to Star*Line. I wrote every day for quite a while, however, and have not shut down completely during the ragweed pollen season, which is now, I hope, close to tapering off again.

 Late last year, my name was mentioned in an article by Diane Severson in Amazing Stories about women writing SF poetry.  That was rather fun.

The last of my clients are gone. When I got down to the last one, I had to tell her that I could no longer do the work. It's not that the work (computer support for her professional and teaching activities) is difficult, so much as that it is always last minute. "But I'm resting..." only sounds like a feeble excuse. It is now quite relevant to getting things done. 

I am not serving as co-editor or editor for the 2016 SFPA Halloween Poetry Reading. I do not know if anyone else will volunteer, but it is no longer my problem. I have reminded those whose responsibility it is to recruit or cancel. 

I have several places on WordPress where I blog: quiltedpoetry, themomentsbetween, and straycoffee [i.e. stray coffee breaks], all followed by -- that is, poetry, pictures (photos and photo art), and nattering.  

My 70th year of life is coming to a close. Nearly twice the age I'd thought I'd make it to.  Both the parents are still alive. 

I have both Twitter (lizlbennefeld) and Facebook accounts, now. Stop in, if you like. 

Feeling the desire to support the arts more actively, I have joined as a patron. Creators that I am now contributing to  are A. J. Odasso and Wild John Reinhart, poets; and Pamela Dean, Judith Tarr and Laura Anne Gilman, writers of speculative fiction.

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