Saturday, October 3, 2015

Every post wants a title

My poem has been postponed to issue #4, evidently to accommodate unexpected numbers of advertisements. I look forward to seeing the next issue, which should be available during the coming week via PDF. I think. In the meanwhile, I still have two poems to revise and resubmit, now that I am recovering from the allergy season. Except that someone's been burning leaves in our neighborhood, I think. Ah, well! I have enough albuterol from last autumn for my nebulizer that I should be able to make it through to bronchitis season without having to seek out another doctor. (Mine went missing at the end of June 2014; according to the Clinic's mass mailing, he left them, but they did not communicate his whereabouts).

Having decided to ditch POWWeb, its having become too expensive now that I have retired, I am closing down stuff left and right. Still finding email forwardings that don't go anywhere, etc. Oy vey!

I have, however, made use of another free WP site, where I am just doing informal stuff, as with here. Well, no, not exactly. I know that I can do more stuff with blogger, but I really like WP.

Anyway, today (is it midnight, yet?) ... yes, today I started a new blog at WP called StrayCoffee. Since retiring, I have been short on people to blither at, and so I have a WP, now, where I can write when I am taking a break with a cup of coffee (or tea or cup of yogurt or some ice cream...jelly sandwich?) and pretend I am talking with someone. My phone rings so often with calls from what the Internet tells me are telephone spam that I have quit answering calls totally, if I don't recognize the numbers. I think that I can set it up to only put through calls from people on my contacts list. Sometime when I don't have anything else to do.

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