Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lots of Changes

I have paid for one last year of web hosting at powweb. In that time, I will square away finding a mail service for my three long-running domains and get switched over to WordPress (plus my Patchwork Prose site with another company that has inexpensive plans.) My domains at WordPress (WP) have email forwarding, which is about all that I need in the interim.

I took part in an extended "Artist Date" in February: a 2-week course in poetry writing at Blogging U. I have moved all of the assignments from that class to (hosted by WP). The sonnet (last poem on the Week 2 page: see drop-down menu), the one poem that was not initially written for the class, is one I started in 1967. I finally cleaned up the last two lines and the rest in ways that please me. I now declare "Reflection" to be complete.

I'm quite pleased with the poetry I wrote in response to the assignments. It's primed the pump, and I have "finished" a number of poems from my "needs work" folders, some of which are in posts on the blog.

Health and vision problems continue, but generally the health is improving. Aside from when I am exposed to smoke, fragrances, &c. I no longer am taking medications, other than OTC sterile, preservative-free eye lubricant drops and an iron pill a couple of times a week. The eye strain is painful, frequent, and unpredictable enough that I really am doing no work, including volunteer work, that might need to be done within any reasonable span of time.

Oddly, shooting with a red dot at 50 ft. works just fine. My average scores are 88-90 points. Some days, 98. This pleases me. Due to the fragrance sensitivities and tree, grass and ragweed pollen seasons, I am no longer doing volunteer work at the range, other than lightly populated shifts when Al and I volunteer together to fill a time slot. Otherwise, I am practicing for an hour or so, a couple of days a week.

It would, of course, please me if you would stop by one or more of my blogs in addition to this sporadically updated set of signposts, and let me know if you see something you like or comment on a post.

Good night!