Saturday, December 13, 2014

In Transition

Things are changing. I have canceled my web hosting for the account at POWWEB (about whom I have no complaints whatsoever); domain name and hosting are to end shortly after the first of the year.  Also sitting on that site are the other domains that I used in part to promote my writing, editing and photo art activities. While those three domains (Quiet Spaces, Postcard Art and The Written Word) will be disappearing at least for a while, and possibly until they expire two to three years from now, the email addresses for those domains are going away. 

I quit doing the academic work in 2009, and I started handing off the job search work in 2012. Due to the changing needs of my final business client in August of 2014 (30 years, pretty close to the day, from when I left corporate to start my own business), I am fully retired from freelance work. (I'm not counting my photo art or creative writing as freelance, but as part-time hobbies, these days.)

Still contactable through this Gmail account (quietspaces). Would love to hear from former clients, classmates and friends!

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