Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winter Holiday Retreating

I have tried over the past 25 years to reserve Christmas and New Year's Day weeks as a vacation of sorts. It has been, many years, a time for serious considerations, pre-planning and catching up on end-of-year work. When I was doing academic style editing, it was also a time during which graduate students were doing the same, and I finally resorted to not reading email and turning off my business telephone in order to carve out my time. (This year, I should be doing that, because I am unbelievably behind on financial record keeping. But I'm not.)

On the last day of November, shortly after Thanksgiving gathering and birthday dinner, I contracted bronchitis, again, which laid me flat for the better part of three weeks. I am near the end of my second week of not taking any more medications, and I'm doing well, aside from a persistent cough and profound fatigue. My next task is to figure out how much and how long I can exercise to get back on track, again.

I am, however, finding tensions vanishing. I'm finally out from under an underlying stress I might not have been aware of for a long time. Eliminating my volunteer work, as much as I hated doing so, has been the final (so far) transition from external pressures that I have needed for so long but could not reach.

I needed to relax. Surely I can learn how to do so also in the midst of chaos and rioting! If I have to depend on nothing's irritating me, these quiet spaces will be transitory.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Transition in progress

I've gone ahead and taken down the three domains of which I spoke previously; I have not managed to set up email forwarding.  Not sure if/when/how I will handle the old email addresses. In the meanwhile, you can contact me at firstname at lastname dot net

Saturday, December 13, 2014

In Transition

Things are changing. I have canceled my web hosting for the account at POWWEB (about whom I have no complaints whatsoever); domain name and hosting are to end shortly after the first of the year.  Also sitting on that site are the other domains that I used in part to promote my writing, editing and photo art activities. While those three domains (Quiet Spaces, Postcard Art and The Written Word) will be disappearing at least for a while, and possibly until they expire two to three years from now, the email addresses for those domains are going away. 

I quit doing the academic work in 2009, and I started handing off the job search work in 2012. Due to the changing needs of my final business client in August of 2014 (30 years, pretty close to the day, from when I left corporate to start my own business), I am fully retired from freelance work. (I'm not counting my photo art or creative writing as freelance, but as part-time hobbies, these days.)

Still contactable through this Gmail account (quietspaces). Would love to hear from former clients, classmates and friends!