Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mile Marker

The business web site for The Written Word, my freelance editing/writing/consulting work, has gone away as of this past week. I first started working freelance during the summer of 1984, considering it to be a temporary thing until I was ready to get back into corporate IT work. I never did come across another job that I thought I would prefer over trying to make a go of the freelance work. When I got online, I used my AT&T Worldnet web site for business and then registered a domain name and contracted for web hosting with Arjay Enterprises (webnamesource and webnamehost). (Good host, reasonable prices, catering to individuals, writers, students, and such.)

I've got another hosting service where I have stuck my hobby domains in the interim; impersonal but efficient, and I know how to handle what I need. The web is so much in flux that I have not settled on what I might want to do next. My photography/photo art has an artistic focus, rather than a business focus, even though I had it as a business for a few years, and I do still sell some cards and wall art from I plan to hang onto the domain until my trade name registration runs out, transitioning the folks I still do layout and editing for to no longer paying me under the trade name before that deadline. Yes, there are a few friends I've been doing work for almost forever, so those threads are still there. One, at least, has been retired for a while, and the others are likely to have done so before then.

I am curious to see what comes next.