Thursday, November 28, 2013

Progress with the disorder

As I had planned, I have discontinued my web site at SFF Net as of the 30th of this November. Now that I have retired, I find that I am spending more energy on family hobbies, reading, relationships, and my own writing, most of which is staying here at home until I figure out what I am doing/what I want to be doing with it.

Also, my business web site ( Is disappearing, middle of January. I've still got the domain for three or four years, and so my ever helpful web host/domain registrar has promised to set up my email to forward.

Not sure about the long term. I still haven't settled into a new pattern, and so, having cut down my expenses in that area, I can (a) pay for insurance on my cell phone, (b) buy an additional ebook each month, or (c) try a subscription to the New York Times newspaper. Or perhaps something else will press itself on my attention, once I have the savings in hand.