Saturday, September 8, 2012


After more than 28 years of freelance writing and editing, following a +15-year career in IT, I am transitioning into retirement. I have edited theses and dissertations, academic papers, and other manuscripts; typed corporate financial statements; prepared recital programs; helped with writing family holiday letters and personal correspondence; and numerous other writing and editing projects.

Over the course of those 28 years, job search work grew from a quarter of my business to more than three quarters. I discontinued academic style editing early in 2009 to allow more time for job search clients. As of September 2012, I am no longer writing résumés. I plan to support those whose work I have stored in my archives. I'v tried to keep at least two years of backup files.

I still do some copy editing and minor rewrites, but not developmental editing or long manuscripts, and only limited ESL editing. I am also continuing with the seasonal seasonal and occasional work I have been doing for my regular customers and the local folks.

Taking time off from talking to myself online has helped with decision making with regard to my life's direction. So too did taking a couple months of vacation, this summer, and coping with extended family events that involved hospitalization of several relatives due to illness and the decline and death of my mother-in-law, who has been an important person in my life.

If I don't begin again to carve out adequate time for creative activities during my sixties, when will I?