Monday, June 6, 2011


The past while I have joined and been reading some of the groups over at LinkedIn. Check out my Public Profile. I am quite open to adding friends, colleagues, former college acquaintances, etc., to my contacts list.

I have been trying out the site (a web-based business card). I set one up for Quiet Spaces and one for The Written Word. The card includes a message option, which makes it suitable, I believe, for staying in permanent contact, since one can change the email address the messages are forwarded to.

My business Facebook page, which does double duty, publicizing both my photo art and my resume- and letter-writing services, now has a shortened URL: http://facebook/TheWrittenWord

My Postcard Art photo blog actually has postcard art on it with links for buying the same or similar postcards through RedBubble. And of course, I continue to upload my favorite photography and photographic art pieces to my RedBubble portfolio.

At my Quiet Spaces LiveJournal account, as well as at Facebook (also QuietSpaces), I have a new occasional series of photographs: Lunch Buddies. Due to my ongoing problems with mixing up the hardboild with the raw eggs, I have taken to drawing faces on the cooked eggs prior to refrigerating them. And so I (usually) take portrait photos of the eggs in various kitchen settings before peeling.

I think that I have a poem coming out in the third-quarter Star*Line, the quarterly magazine that is distributed to all Science Fiction Poetry Association members; others can purchase single issues via the Web site.

My definitive gluten-free bread recipe is now available at my Quiet Spaces blog. The magic ingredient is Montina pure baking supplement (Indian ricegrass from the Montina company in Montana).

There's other new stuff scattered here and there...which will keep until another time.