Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Long Overdue Update

I have made some changes since the end of June 2010 that I should perhaps share, since they will affect the people with whom I do business.

  • Because most of my clients find The Written Word through referrals or on the Internet, I have dropped my land-line telephone and had that number ported to my Verizon cell phone. So, my telephone number has remained the same, but it will be dropping out of the print business yellow and white page listings. And, since I almost always have my cell phone with me, I'm able to get out of the office more frequently.
  • I got overloaded some years back with academic style editing and took a break from it, aside from one client who was just embarking on her PhD nursing program. 
  • Dropping academic style editing provided the opportunity to concentrate on helping more people with their job search strategies, resumes and letters, not to mention having enough time to get to know the folks I'm working with. 
  • I have found that I enjoy the current emphasis on job search work, adding in shorter typing, writing, and editing jobs as they come along.
I am still doing photographic art, which is available through RedBubble.com. Yesterday I received a packet of 4"x6" greeting cards (half my designs and half other people's); the quality of Red Bubble's product pleases me. I hope to get back into the practice of sending notes occasionally in order to justify the indulgence.

Looking forward to a long, mild spring, slow melting, and warm summer breezes.