Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Photos Online

I am trying to be more timely in letting folks know what is happening, but...not doing so well. Sorry!

  • I have quit posting daily photographs at JPGMag.com and canceled my ewb user ID there because of a loosening of restrictions on photos that I would just as soon not run into on a daily basis. I have opened a new account there (quietspaces), but am just keeping it alive by posting photos specifically to themes and challenges.
  • I have moved my *good* stuff to http://QuietSpaces.RedBubble.com, where in addition to browsing, you are welcome to indulge yourself by purchasing a postcard or greeting card. (BTW, one of my photos was selected yesterday as one of the "featured" photos of the week by the Flowering Bulbs group.)
  • I am beginning to put smaller versions of my photo paintings in a special album at Postcard Art, and that probably will branch out into various groupings.
  • Still working on weeding out and organizing my photos at my LiveJournal site (which is also user ID quietspaces).
I hope that you come across photo art pieces that you enjoy.

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